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Maintains your data private from prying eyes
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Creates a secure connection, to minimize your individual online security risks by encrypting your connection while you are surfing the internet at unsecured locations such as hotels or coffee bars. It hides your IP address and protects your personal data, such as banking accounts and other details.

McAfee Safe Connect can help you feel safer when you are navigating the Internet. What it really does is to reroute your Internet traffic through a virtual private network (VPN) using the homonymous services. As other VPNs, McAfee Safe Connect hides personal information, such as the real IP you are connecting from, from others who might be tracking your activities.

The program has a very simple-to-use interface. There is practically nothing you should do to start your connection, so much so that its developers called this possibility “one-tap protection”. It is possible also to choose the desired virtual server location. Also just like with other VPNs, the connection is encrypted using very strong algorithms, which makes it ideal if you are connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Unfortunately, you have but to trust the vendors when they say they do not keep any logs of your activities. However, there is always the risk of your private data falling into the wrong hands.

All in all, while McAfee Safe Connect is simply another VPN services, it seems to be faster than many of them. Luckily, the basic features can be accessed at no cost. However, choosing the preferred virtual location is only available through the Premium plan. Still, these premium features can be tried freely for seven days after subscription.

Pedro Castro
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  • Uses strong encryption algorithms
  • Free basic services
  • Faster than other VPNs


  • You share personal data to third parties
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